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Tattoo of Whakamarumaru

To shelter, protect

by GiErre »
2012, Jan 18th
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Emilio requested this unconventionally shaped design for his upper arm and shoulder.

Everything revolves around his family, with the central turtle representing his wife and the name of their children placed as maorigrams (Mael, Devya and Niilo) inside a sun around the turtle with korus next to each other (new life). The rays of the sun are made of shark teeth (adaptability and strength).

A hammerhead shark (tenacity, strength) representing Emilio starts at the elbow and ends over the shoulder, protecting the family and guarding on it.

The turtle has a frangipani flower on the front left flipper (a symbol of femininity and safe shelter) and her initials L and R are included on the right flipper, while a tiki on the shell is a symbol of fertility and protection.

Close to the turtle two chasing birds represent help that will always be granted to the loved ones and fish represent prosperity.

The hammerhead shark contains a lizard for good luck and a gecko stands next to its tail as a wish for health.

Around the central sun there are other elements still revolving around the family: an orca (family and the will to protect it, the mother), a seahorse on the other side of it (tenacity, patience and the father), a manta (protection, beauty), and a row of spear heads (the warrior: three children are a continuous challenge!) to win over difficulties (represented by the path of Kamehameha, a difficult trail).

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I love it! TattooTribes rules as usual!! - Vishal, Kolkata

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