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Tattoo of Spiraling sun

Life, new start

by GiErre »
2012, Sep 18th
HI-RES [jpg]


This design was developed on an idea from Mauro by joining a sun and a spiral; in the middle an axe represents his father and the tiki hand is a symbol of protection.

On top we joined two rays to symbolize the unione that he shares with his wife: a L becomes thus the central part of the M, obtained by adding to the sides of the L. The dot symbolizes the importance of this union. The symbol just below represents the couple and the koru positioned where the waves start represents this new beginning leading to a change despite adversities (represented by the moray eel) also thanks to adaptability (shark teeth).

Following along the spiral, the two chasing birds symbolize that help will always be granted to the dear ones whilst mountains symbolize the stability of their relationship.

Past the mountains we added the hammerhead shark motif to represent determination and tenacity, bringing a second koru, new life, followed by the maorigram of the name NICCOLO´, their son.

In the upper rays there are a fish hook for knowledge and wisdom and spear heads to represent the warrior, courage and strength.

The side rays contain mountains (stability; the sun itself is a symbol of serenity and positivity), a Marquesan cross (balance) and shark teeth (adaptability), tiki eyes and hand (protection), shark teeth, a sea shell (love, intimacy and safe shelter) and braid (union, family).


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