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Tattoo of Return to serenity


by GiErre »
2013, Jan 22nd
HI-RES [jpg]


We stylized this tattoo requested by Michael in a way that recalls the shape of a hammerhead shark, symbolizing determination and tenacity.

From the tail behind the ankle to the front of the foot we find several elements: the tips of the tail form a C followed in the first part of the tail by a motif called rito rito which stylizes the flax leaves and represents family. The motif itself is formed by elements laid out in a way that shapes the two S letters of his parents.

Past them the opposing waves indicate difficulties and they are related to the bird flying away from the body of the shark making the lower fin: they represent an important person (the dot nearby shows his importance) who left (the bird itself symbolizes freedom, voyage, watching the world from a higher perspective and it´s used here to represent someone who passed away).

The two chasing birds represent that help will never lack to the dearest ones.

The Masai spear and the frangipani flower nearby represent an important trip to Kenia.

The sea shell symbolizes love and it´s broken here to represent the end of an important relationship; the shark teeth around it are placed in a circle with their spikes inward bound to symbolize involution, lack of joy, later evolving again outwards, like sun rays, to symbolize a return to joy; shark teeth symbolize strength and adaptability and they become here the tail of the manta (freedom, beauty) aiming high towards the hands of the tiki. They represent god, protection, and are surrounded by mountains indicating stability also found in the nearness of god.

In the lower part a flowing wave symbolizes a positive change leading to prosperity (the fish hook).


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I love it! TattooTribes rules as usual!! - Vishal, Kolkata

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