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Tattoo of Markus


by GiErre »
2013, May 8th
HI-RES [jpg]


Markus requested this tattoo about his life: the turtle on the shoulder and arm represents family, which has always been present, trying to give him joy (the sun above it) and stability (the mountains making it).

The shell of the turtle is shaped by the maorigram "Herbert" on the left (with a tiki making the left front flipper) and by the maorigram "Doris" on the right (with an ipu on the related flipper).

In the middle the two chasing birds represent him and his brother (they symbolize help to the dear ones as well as brotherhood).

The turtle is sustained by enata in the past and in the future to represent friends who are always there and who give him strength (the row of spear heads) through difficulties (the path of Kamehameha).

The braid around the turtle represents family union.

On the shoulder blade we stylized the head of his dog, to guard his back and protect him (the tiki below), with a fish for alertness and prosperity and an all-seeing eye to ward off any evil.
We also placed there a Marquesan cross to symbolize balance found.

Spear heads again are for the warrior, just like the two centipedes on both ends of the armband, facing on the inside of the arm. They are mirrored and incorporated into two specular elements which resemble the hammerhead shark motif symbolizing determination and tenacity.

Waves on top represent change and the koru inside the sun is a new start that will lead to greater positivity (the bigger sun on the pec) and prosperity (the small sun is made of coconut leaves representing the chief).

Elements inside the bigger sun are birds (adventure, travel, watching the world from a higher perspective and freedom) surrounding a warrior face with tongue stretched out to symbolize the challenges he´s ready to face.

The shark teeth represent adaptability and strength, which he´ll need to follow his path to success through every difficulty he may encolunter (the moray eels).

An octopus tentacle nearby is for adaptability and tenacity while the standing stones on the lower part of the armband are the achievements he´s building on.


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I live in Hawaii, purchased many Polynesian design books in the past, this one is the best so far... Love it! - Catana, Hawaii

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