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Aiotanga tattoo photo
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Calm, strength

July 6th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Aiotanga means "calm, equanimity", and this design wants to represent calm as the real silent strength of man.

The hammerhead shark represents strength, determination, and the tikis on its sides are symbols of protection and fertility.

The jellyfish that integrates the tattoo symbolizes calm, and floating effortlessly along the stream of life, without struggling to swim against it. The manta forming the shark´s fins similarily means harmony and elegance.

From a request by Nathan.

MANA ATUA - white mugMANA ATUA - white mugMaori design by TattooTribes
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hammerhead shark jellyfish tiki calm strength protection kindness life

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 I just had this put on my right forearm. I love it... check it out on fb I guess if you care to.  
  by Border
[disclosed email]
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