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Tattoo of Sebastian

In memory

by GiErre »
2013, Aug 28th
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Sergio requested this ankleband tattoo to remember his godson who died in an accident.

The manaia in the middle has to be placed on the front of the leg, towards the future whilst the koru inside the sun on the right of the design goes on the back of the leg, bound to the past.

The koru (life, new beginning) represents his godson Sebastian, when he was a child and still had to find his way through life (the sun).
Moray eels surround him and represent the accident that got him killed, a hard trail that made him become an angel who is now protecting the family: he is now the manaia on the front, the guardian angel (shaped like the S of his name); the enata on both sides are the members of the family and the aniata above them in a half circle represents the ancestors he has joined in heaven (birds represent voyage, vicinity to the gods of which they are messengers).

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

Had no luck with your lottery... but who cares? ;-D The book is very inspiring and I´ll try to draw it myself! - Paulo, Barcelona

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