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Angler fish tattoo photo
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Angler fish
Light in darkness

October 3rd, 2014
  Author: GiErre

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Steven asked for a Polynesian styled tattoo of an angler fish, a creature that lives in oceanic abysses, to represent that even in the deepest darkness there´s always a light.
The light of the fish was designed like a sun and it incorporates a tiki for protection. It is connected to the body by a path of Kamehameha to represent that at the end of difficult paths can lie success and joy past all adversities.

The tail is a manta (freedom) swimming towards the sun (it´s got a hammerhead shark motif inside for tenacity).

A lizard for good luck is enclosed in the body of the angler fish and a row of smaller fish represent prosperity.
Other elements we used are spear heads for the teeth (the warrior, courage and strength), shark teeth (adaptability), waves (the ocean, change), mountains (stability), and ancestors.

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