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Sea shepherd tattoo photo
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Sea shepherd

January 22nd, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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"Sea Shepherd Conservation Society" is a non-profit marine conservation organization that uses direct action tactics to protect marine life. (ref: Wikipedia)

The Sea Shepherd logo, the jolly roger with crossed shepherd stick (here designed by waves) and Neptune´ trident (here made of spear heads), was redesigned with Polynesian composite tattoos in mind as requested by Joanne, joining several marine life animals to compose it, in addition to the dolphin and whale from the original logo.

Inside the skull we placed a dolphin, a whale, a turtle, a seal and a shark while a manta is placed inside the trident.

composite sea shepherd logo

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sea shepherd jolly roger skull trident dolphin whale turtle seal shark manta marine life protection sea Joanne conservation

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 Great!!!! I cant see the shark, but i love this image - and sea shepherd! For the oceans!!!!!  
  by Stephan
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