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Family union tattoo photo
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Family union

May 22nd, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo was requested by David to integrate a rose tattoo representing his wife and the name of their daughter on the other side of his forearm.

A Filipino sun was paired to the rose, with some longer rays to represent a Christian cross. The spear heads represent the warrior and the upper part of the cross is shaped to recall the wings and parachute from the airborn symbol.

In the center of the cross the turtle symbolizes family, constantly protected by the warrior we shaped its shell with.

Fish are for prosperity; the two frangipani flowers are for his daughter and wife, a small croc for his son and flax leaves symbolic for family union.

The filipino motifs running in a curve around the cross, represent mountains and fields, often being associated to home, shelter and prosperity.

Waves complete the ttattoo and shape a sea shell which symbolizes love, intimacy and safe shelter.

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filipino sun cross rose frangipani crocodile mountains fields waves spear heads warrior airborn wings parachute strength love protection safe shelter prosperity unity David

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