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Kato tattoo photo
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September 28th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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The main elements of this halfsleeve tattoo are a manta ray, extending from the shoulder onto the pec and a hammerhead shark positioned on the outside of the arm.
Their meanings are freedom and beauty for the manta, tenacity and strength for the shark.

The hammerhead shark was inserted into a sun, a symbol of eternity and positivity surrounding and protecting a flower of hibiscus (beauty and carpe diem), a mere (respect and honour) and a canoe (adventure and cooperation).
The warrior inside it represents protection, like the all seeing eye inside the turtle placed in the center of the manta.

Other protective elements are the two tiki on the tip of the manta wings and the one on the inside of the arm.

The first row of enata on the right represents friends and the underlying one, upside down, is for defeated enemies.
Birds represents voyage and a new perspective on the world while fish are a symbol of prosperity.

Requested by Jari.

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halfsleeve manta ray hammerhead shark turtle tiki sun enata aniata all seeing eye freedom strength tenacity determination protection eternity beauty

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