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Tattoo of Unalome & lotus


by GiErre »
2016, Feb 23rd
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The Unalome is originally a hindu symbol that graphically recalls Shiva´s third eye and it represents wisdom and the path to perfection.
The spiral shows the beginning of the path, without knowledge or a given direction, that leads to discovering the world through inevitable errors (the knots along the line, or yak), each being a teaching, and finally becoming a straight line leading to enlightenment, often represented by a dot or a circle (the sun).

The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming adversities towards perfection, thus perfectly integrating the meaning of the Unalome.
Unalomes often appear joined to a khata (oration or charm written in ancient Khmer language) or to an Ongk Pra

("Buddha´s body"), represented by a circle surmounting two increasingly bigger rectangles with rounded edges and symbolizing head, heart and stomach:
Ongk Pra symbol
A half moon is sometimes places between Unalome and Ongk Pra to indicate enlightenment in darkness: Ongk Pra symbol with unalome and moon

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