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Tamā tattoo photo
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February 15th, 2018
  Author: GiErre

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We designed this half sleeve tattoo to integrate a tribal cross that Kavishti had on his shoulder, giving it importance instead of disguising it into the new part.

Since the cross represents his father, we integrated it into a turtle symbolizing family, with an enata guiding it surrounded by the ani ata motif representing the ancestors he now belongs to, guarding upon family and bringing joy and success (the sun surrounding the top).

He was a generous person and a warrior, always ready to help and share what he had, and much of what he was and did is represented in the armband part of the tattoo.

The flax leaves also symbolize family, at the base of it all and always present, protected by the all-seeing eye.

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cross half sleeve turtle enata hammerhead shark flax leaves sun ani ata spear heads father warrior cooperation support knowledge achievements family ancestors in memory tama

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