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Phoenix and gecko tattoo photo
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Phoenix and gecko

August 1st, 2019
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo for the shoulder and back was prepared for Riccardo to integrate a Polynesian gecko he already had.

Below the gecko we placed a moray eel (adversities) and the path of Kamehameha, the difficul path that leads to a rebirth (the phoenix on top).
The row of seagulls symbolizes this voyage.
The tail of the phoenix is shaped by waves and by an octopus tentacle (adaptability and tenacity).

The spearheads represent the warrior and they lead to the sun, which incorporates a fish hook (prosperity).

The turtle on the arm includes a braid (union) and a manaia (a guardian angel protecting the family it belongs to: manaia and braid overlap deliberately).

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phoenix gecko shoulder blade turtle manaia birds octopus spearheads warrior path of Kamehameha adversities death rebirth prosperity serenity Riccardo

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