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Tattoo of Kip


by GiErre »
2021, Aug 19th
HI-RES [jpg]


The main themes in this Polynesian sleeve tattoo prepared for Kip are family, voyage, ocean, and protection.

Flax leaves appear twice to symbolize family union both with his family of origin and with his own family (on top and central, with the turtle incorporating the couple symbol in the center and their children right below).

Ancestors represent his origins, and the manulua and trochus shell are symbols of prosperity, like the bonito tail, fish and fish hook, and the coconut leaves on top, while the flight of the albatross symbolizes voyage.

The ocean is another main theme: we included a surfboard for Kip´s life-long passion, with a Marquesan cross right above it as surfing in the ocean gives him balance and harmony.
The waves, spearheads and octopus tentacles that shape the board represent the ocean and the warrior riding her waves. They also symbolize adaptability, while shark teeth are symbols of protection in water.

The stepping stones at the base represent achievements and things learnt, while the path to knowledge is on top because it represents a major element that helps reaching freedom (the manta at the very top).

The path of Kamehameha in the past symbolizes a challenging path faced with strength and tenacity (the spearheads).
The centipede is another symbol of fighting spirit, while the braided mat nearby is a symbol of community and protection.
The tiki, all-seeing eye and lizard are symbols of protection too, supported by the hammerhead shark.

The row of birds with a star in the middle represents voyages as a main goal, with the canoe symbolizing adventure.

The colored legenda below shows the individual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian Ocean and family sleeve tattoo


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