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Te fee tattoo photo
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Te fee

July 26th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian tattoo of an octopus was designed for Kip, to enhance the lines of his body, covering one side of his torso with one tentacle crossing the pelvis to the other side, and the top one peeking slightly above the collar of a t-shirt.

Each tentacle includes elements that relate to a specific meaning or aspect of his life: birds to symbolize voyage, with a final mark representing the goal to be reached, the flight of the albatross for a long voyage with a safe return, and a path of Kamehameha for a path full of challenges, paired with shark teeth (adaptability and strength), spearheads (tenacity, the warrior), fish (prosperity), and mountains (stability).
The koru shape at the end of the tentacle symbolizes a new beginning and the tiki that shapes the octopus head has an all-seeing eye for protection over this voyage.

The remaining elements represent him (the warrior on the surfboard riding the waves) and the people he holds dearest.
The tentacle designed like a braid (unity) joins them all to symbolize this bond he shares with them.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian octopus tattoo for whole torso

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octopus tiki warrior surf lokahi birds hummingbird shark teeth path of Kamehameha mountains ipu voyage challenges tenacity protection union prosperity people

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