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Sergio - Tonuitanga tattoo photo
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Sergio - Tonuitanga

  September 8th, 2010

Inspired by Tonuitanga (Prosperity, abundance):

Tonuitanga tattoo

This half sleeve for the left arm speaks of a rebirth.

From the back of the shoulder towards the front (from right to left then) past, present and future find their way through the design. Ancestors are in the past and they guard on the life of Sergio, who requested this design; in the middle of opposing waves (bad changes, adversities) we added a date, 9 2 9, followed by a moray eel indicating evil spirits. Meeting a person allowed for this ...

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Tonuitanga waves turtle manta ray hammerhead shark flying fish birds spearheads tiki twist fish hook prosperity rebirth protection change union bond family success life strength

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Sergio - Tonuitanga tattoo photo

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