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Tattoo of Tonuitanga

Prosperity, abundance

by GiErre »
2010, May 3rd
HI-RES [jpg]


This half sleeve for the left arm speaks of a rebirth.

From the back of the shoulder towards the front (from right to left then) past, present and future find their way through the design. Ancestors are in the past and they guard on the life of Sergio, who requested this design; in the middle of opposing waves (bad changes, adversities) we added a date, 9 2 9, followed by a moray eel indicating evil spirits. Meeting a person allowed for this all to be left behind, symbolized by the twist (eternal union and deep bond) made by joining two S (one is mirrored); waves start back from there, this time in the right direction, joined by the turtle´s shell motif symbolizing the traveller, reaching to the present and future: the sun as a symbol of happyness and success, having a turtle (family and navigator) and a manta (freedom and beauty) on the inside. They are both symbols of protection on the sea.

Another element inside the sun is the mangopare motif (hammerhead shark) representing tenacity and strength, which will be with him along this new path, guarded by the tiki protecting the way yet to come and bringing new life (the korus).

Fish hooks inside the turtle and flying fish above are symbols of prosperity and status; birds represent freedom and the change of perspective in looking at the world.

The armband motif below represents spearheads and symbolizes the warrior who fights for his values.


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