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Tico - Hononga tattoo photo
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Tico - Hononga

  May 13th, 2013

Inspired by Hononga (Family, union):

Hononga tattoo

The moray eels on the right represent the difficulties in the past of Jerry, who requested this design for his left arm. The koru symbolizes a new start, and it´s surrounded by the sun as a symbol of positivity leading to him and to his wife, represented by the two turtles moving in the same direction with the front flippers joined to form a double spiral (eternity, meeting), with a seashell next to it for love, intimacy and shelter.

Turtles represent family and the navigator. The circle around them, formed ...

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turtles double spiral sun hammerhead shark man woman flower hibiscus flax leaves moray eels spearheads braid koru birds union protection family new life determination strength tena

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