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Tattoo of Hononga

Family, union

by GiErre »
2011, Jan 28th
HI-RES [jpg]


The moray eels on the right represent the difficulties in the past of Jerry, who requested this design for his left arm. The koru symbolizes a new start, and it´s surrounded by the sun as a symbol of positivity leading to him and to his wife, represented by the two turtles moving in the same direction with the front flippers joined to form a double spiral (eternity, meeting), with a seashell next to it for love, intimacy and shelter.

Turtles represent family and the navigator. The circle around them, formed by a braid, symbolizes their union. The outer front flippers are made of spear heads (strength, the warrior) meaning that their strength resides in their union.

The sun around (eternity and positivity) is made of waves (sea, changes) and mountains (earth, representing also stability), symbolizing how, by staying together, they will always find stability through every change.

One turtle includes on the shell a woman symbol, and a hibiscus flower for beauty and femininity; the other shell includes a manly figure and a flax leaf representing the union of the family.

Both turtles and all the motifs point slightly upwards to symbolize that the way goes a little uphill, but leads to joy and success (the sun).

The row of spearheads enclosing the moray eels represents the warrior, the strength needed to reach all the tasks and prosperity (the row of fish hooks) with adaptability (shark teeth). The two birds facing a moray eel symbolize Jerry and his wife, and the fact that they´ll always be present to help each other through any hard times they may have to face.


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Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I have been searching the whole net to find something like this!! - Paul Davies, WA

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