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Simone Haere tatou tattoo photo
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Simone Haere tatou

  July 20th, 2021

Inspired by Haere tatou (Let´s go):

Haere tatou tattoo

This Polynesian tattoo for the calf contains elements related to the story of Simone, for whom it was prepared, and of the team he shares adventures and successes with.

We placed a turtle in the center because it is a symbol of travel and family and it nicely symbolizes the journey they are taking together as a group (the braids that indicate union), almost like a family. Maorigrams are incorporated on the shell, around a Marquesan ...

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Turtle braids maorigrams Marquesian cross Kamehameha´s path star spearheads mountains sun shark teeth chasing birds enata stones tiki hammerhead shark journey family harmony union strength courage stability success help protection tenacity determina

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