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Suhail - Trimurti tattoo photo
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Suhail - Trimurti

  November 9th, 2023

Inspired by Trimurti (Protection):

Trimurti tattoo

This Polynesian half sleeve tattoo prepared for Suhail incorporates references to Hindu traditions too: the three tiki, one in frontal view and two looking at the sides were included to recall the gods of the Trimurti.
We also added a lotus flower at the base (for Brahma), a circle of flames on top (for Shiva) and a conch shell in the center, within the body of the lizard (for Vishnu).

The circle for Samsara around the central tiki has flames and mountains to represent both change and stability. The mere in the center symbolizes status and respect, surrounded by the dog spine motif (loyalty) and ...

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Trimurti tiki lotus flower flames conch shell lizard mountains mere dog spine coconut leaves turtle flax leaves chasing birds breath of life braids tiki hands fish hook all-seeing eye sun stepping stones spearheads octopus tentacle Mataora protection

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