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Tattoo of Trimurti


by GiErre »
2021, Jun 29th
HI-RES [jpg]


This Polynesian half sleeve tattoo prepared for Suhail incorporates references to Hindu traditions too: the three tiki, one in frontal view and two looking at the sides were included to recall the gods of the Trimurti.
We also added a lotus flower at the base (for Brahma), a circle of flames on top (for Shiva) and a conch shell in the center, within the body of the lizard (for Vishnu).

The circle for Samsara around the central tiki has flames and mountains to represent both change and stability. The mere in the center symbolizes status and respect, surrounded by the dog spine motif (loyalty) and by coconut leaves (prosperity), as respect and loyalty are most important for him in the search for prosperity.

The turtle below, at the center of the tattoo for its importance, represents his family. He appears on the shell upholding the flax leaves (family unity), and the symbol between them and the two chasing birds is the breath of life, to represent his daughter.
The chasing birds symbolize support and braids are for family union.
The back flippers include tiki hands and fish hooks for prosperity, with extended family and ancestors depicted on the sides of the turtle.

The lizard below the turtle brings health and protection to the family, with an all-seeing eye enclosed within a sun to protect and bring joy.

The stepping stones at the base symbolize all that he´s learnt and achieved, and the row of birds represents the voyage he took to find prosperity (the row of fish), with courage and strength (the spearheads) and adaptability (the octopus tentacles).
The ahuahu o Mataora represents the steps taken to face all challenges and to earn his place in life.

The following image helps identifying the individual symbols within the tattoo, the full meanings of which have only been disclosed to Suhail:
Polynesian-hindu half sleeve tattoo


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