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Aztec flower tattoo photo
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Aztec flower
Friendship, freedom

December 17th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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The main elements in this Aztec styled design are the flower of morning glory, the sacred mushroom, the snake (here shaped like the stem of the flower) and the star.

The morning glory is a flower that symbolizes friendship, affection, the central idea here, represented by the star.

The mushroom was sacred to Aztecs who used it to see beyond appearences, and it symbolizes freedom and voyage.

The snake is a symbol of renewal and it represents continuous change and evolution.

Requested by Gosia.

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aztec flower morning glory snake serpent star mushroom friendship sociality freedom travel voyage change renewal

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 :) i love this tattoo.. just so you know... in two weeks... this tattoo will b put on me... thank you SOOOO MUCH its beautiful 
  by seychelloise
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