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Ra tattoo photo
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December 23rd, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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The sun represents eternity, life, and in its center the turtle symbolizes family. The front fins are formed by two tikis, to protect the family from every direction, and we placed two korus (new life) around the turtle and one in its head for the children, whose names starting letters, B, L and R, are placed below the tikis and between the back fins. "The all-seeing eye" forming the shell is a strong symbol of protection. The spiral motif of the turtle shell and shark teeth wants to symbolize a voyage for which much strength is needed. Waves mean change and the lizard (good luck) has the fish hook (abundance) and island symbols on its muzzle as a wish for finding a personal joyful island.

Requested by Ron.

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sun lizard waves turtle tiki koru shark teeth family eternity change good luck abundance children voyage

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 nice =] 
  by jack
 AMAZING!! ever since I saw this Awesome Tattoo I wanted it!  
  by DreamerBoy
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