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Sons tattoo photo
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Life, health

January 11th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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We thought of using the pic of a baby gecko that came to visit us as a model for this one, requested by Emma and dedicated to her sons.

The korus flowing along the back and stylized in the legs are symbols of new beginning, of life continuing through our descent, and the gecko´s body contains the names of her two children, Jimi and Toby, each with a star near, to symbolize their being always present as the center of her life.

The head contains a stylized triskell, a symbol of eternity and balance and the gecko itself represents the connection to the spiritual world and it is thought to have the power of keeping diseases away.

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gecko triskell koru stars family life health new beginning direction eternity balance continuity sons Emma

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 Finally I get sorted to say THANK YOU!!! I did get this tattoo done and LOVE it and get awesome comments from people about it too!! My cousin Mark from Ink Grave here in NZ did it for me and its awesome!! I have emailed a photo altho my camera isnt doing too well at the moment!! Sorry its taken me so long to send you feedback but have added another son to the mix since this!! 
  by Emma
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