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Ake tonu atu tattoo photo
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Ake tonu atu

January 14th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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We called this arm band "ake tonu atu" which means "forever". The four turtles represent four persons, whose first letters were added just below them, who will always be close even if they may take different roads in life (the fins joined to form a twist represent lasting and strong bond).

Eachof them encloses a protective symbol, be it the tiki or the manaia, for protection and guidance in their lives.

Other symbols that were added are korus (birth, new beginning), the honu shell motif, symbol of the traveller, by land and sea (mountains and islands) and shark teeth to symbolize adaptability.

Requested by Riccardo.

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turtles tiki koru manaia shark honu union friendship bond family traveller protection

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 Este diseño es genial !! muy muy bueno, me gusta mucho. 
  by Sole
 can you please explain, where the four letters are hidden? i can´t find them... possibly i am too stupid. i have four children and would like to make this tattoo with their first letters on it. thank you for your help. btw your tattoos are simply the BEST!   
  by familyman
[TT: they´re inside the 4 triangles below the turtles joined fins]
 it took me a while to make out the letter´s... it´s a great tatoo! i´ve got three children, and have been looking for a while to have a tatoo to get them inked on me forever. I have been looking at youre pages and you have really great stuff!  
  by Ester
 this is great great great, would like to have one of these on my arm! 
  by nina
 im thinking of getting this one in 3months max!!!! awesome and well done! 
  by Mista
 love this one 
  by daniel
 Im planing to add this tattoo to the halfsleeve I have but I need to modify it so that it will fit underneath. This needs to be on my bicep and the curve changed! Going to be hard work to change this to an engagement band, Little changes though 
  by Emile
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