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Lotus flower tattoo photo
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Lotus flower

January 22nd, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The lotus flower is a symbol of perfection, and means overcoming difficulties. The flower itself actually grows and blooms above the muddy waters it is born in.

This design of a lotus flower with the intertwined letters V and F was requested by Veronica and it symbolizes the beauty of a bond that grows above every obstacle.

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 Wow!!! thanks for the design I think it´s very beautiful. I was searching for a cool lotus design and you inspired me. Thanks a lot!!!! 
  by Lilianne
 I like this tattoo, lotus flower tattoo. I wanna have my lumbar zone tattooed with a lotus flower, but a little more apropiate for this zone. Hope you can help me! thanks!   
  by miri
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 Very pretty... Using the flower portion to stencil a t-shirt for a friend.   
  by Jessica
[TT: that´s fine since it´s a present... and don´t forget to send us a pic!]
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