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Mana tattoo photo
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Autority, power

March 8th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Mana is a Maori word that means "authority, power", and it indicates the vital energy flowing through everything.

Grant requested this tattoo to honour his son Mana; the warrior symbolizes valiance, strength, and the fish hook is a symbol of wealth and abundance often worn by chiefs. Fern leaves are symbols of maturity and wisdom and the koru symbolizes a new life. The manaia that integrates into the warrior symbolizes the protector angel that will guard over this new life.

The right fern includes his birth date.

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mana warrior manaia fern hei matau koru autority power valiance nwe life protection wealth abundance maturity wisdom guardian angel

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 Wow this is another amazing one Gi, I mean they´re all amazing but I personally like this one! Nice job. 
  by Sean from NY
  by charan
  by phil
 Really like this tattoo 
  by Steve
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