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Rebirth of a phoenix tattoo photo
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Rebirth of a phoenix
Overcoming difficulties

June 29th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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This design was requested by Jindra and it symbolizes the cycle of death and rebirth of the phoenix.

From the bottom, the phoenix burns into her own fire and is born again bright with new life, leaving old age and adversities behind in her fire, to be born young again and free from past troubles and problems.

For a better finalization this design would require light colours.

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phoenix fire spiral rebirth cyclicity eternity overcoming difficulties birth death change joy Jindra

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 I love this one ... i looked for soo many and this one its super  
  by Celia - Portugal
 I love this tattoo. It had a deep meaning behind it that applied to my life on so many levels. Thanks for the design. Your work is wonderful and inspiring.  
  by Jennie
 Wow, very cool concept. I love the idea of the Phoenix and encompassing its life in one design is quite creative!   
  by Brian
[GiErre: have to admit the idea came from Jindra... we just shaped it!]
 Love this design! Do you have a colored version of this, by any chance? I bet this would look awesome in color. =D   
  by CarlaDC
[TT: we haven´t... in fact the right phoenix was designed with colour in mind.. :)]
  by cynthia
 Very cool! 
  by Alexandra
 If you have a request, send it from this link instead: custom request. 


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