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Gecko tattoo photo
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July 19th, 2007
  Author: GiErre

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Geckos, as lizards, are held as bringers of good luck, and able to keep deseases away from home. So, in case a gecko visits your house, don´t send him away, but just leave a window open for him to be able and get out. At the very least, he will free you from some flies and small bugs, without disturbing at all.

Tribal Gecko tattoo tshirtTribal Gecko tattoo tshirtTribal gecko by TattooTribes
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gecko geco geko lizard protection luck

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 Having suffered with my health over the last couple of years I decided on a gecko tattoo to bring me some much needed good luck. I fell in love with this one and have it on the inside of my left wrist where I can see it every day. Really beautiful designs - THANK YOU!! X   
  by Nikki
[TT: good choice... geckos are said to keep disease away!]
 Hi there  I was wondering if there is a template for this tattoo?   
  by Carey
[TT: just uploaded!]
 If you have a request, send it from this link instead: custom request. 


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