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Haida bear tattoo photo
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Haida bear
Strength, protection

July 22nd, 2009
  Author: picchio

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Bears represent strength to every people that came to know them, and Haida people are no exception, symbolising for them also teaching, humility and introspection.

They are also powerful symbols of protection and love to children (the most dangerous animal in a forest is a mother bear with cubs), and on account of this, as it often happens, we decided to draw this bear with a cub.

Bears were also so revered by Haida people that they called them Elder Kinsmans.

This sitting traditional Haida bear was requested by Lucas.

Haida eagle baby teeHaida eagle baby teeHaida design by TattooTribes
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bear haida strength protection love teaching humility introspection cubs children kwakiutl Lucas

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 cool tattoo 
  by ben
  by S.A
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