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Lucky lizard tattoo photo
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Lucky lizard
Protection, luck

September 24th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Anna requested a Maori styled lizard for her foot, to bring her good luck on a new start.

The lizard symbolizes luck and guidance, and on her inside we placed a tiki, symbolizing protection, and a fish hook (for islanders of the Pacific Ocean a fish hook was enough to have food, thus it symbolizes prosperity and wealth).

The legs are made of korus, which are symbols of new beginning, and have suns, as a wish for all of her new starts to always bring joy into her life.

MANA ATUA - black mugMANA ATUA - black mugMaori design by TattooTribes
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lizard tiki hei matau fish hook koru fern sun protection luck prosperity wealth joy new beginning

permalink: https://www.tattootribes.com/index.php?idinfo=1953

 Fantastic tattoo, great meaning!!  Amazing!! 
  by Spore1980
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MANA ATUA - white mugMANA ATUA - white mugMaori design by TattooTribes
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