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Sun and triskell tattoo photo
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Sun and triskell
Eternity, life

October 9th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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This sun includes some elements from Celtic and Maori cultures, as the twists and knots, the triskell, and shark teeth..

Knots and twists often symbolize the paths in life, and are related to the meaning of the sun itself, which symbolizes eternity and life, and to the triskell, which has among its meanings one of birth, death and rebirth, and of balance.

Shark teeth, represented here by the triangles pointing towards the center, symbolize strength and adaptability.

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sun triskell shark teeth celtic maori eternity life balance strength

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 I love dis site sooo much!!!D designs 2gether wit it meaningz r soo amazing.U guyzz rock!!LUV it..  Dis tattoo is so cool..i wud lyke 2 f dis on my shoulder but im a non-maori.Is tat appropriate??   
  by Niva, Malaysia
[TT: it would not be appropriate if it was a traditional one related to some family or clan. Tattoos based on Kirituhi style, or new Polynesian style like ours, are not mere copies, and are instead a sign of appreciation for Oceanic cultures and their traditions, which we deeply respect and want to honour with our art.]
 like this sun pattern 
  by amc
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