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Puiaki tattoo photo
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June 16th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Chiara requested this design as a hymn to life, being it a precious gift where both joy and sorrow find their own place and meaning.

The design is divided in the middle and has a similar wave on both sides to indicate the paths that can be taken in life, and how joy and sorrow can both have their importance.

Going towards the foot, shark teeth indicate the strength necessary to overcome difficulties and sorrows (the stylized moray eel), helpin´ each other with the dear ones (the birds following each other, symbolizing freedom too). The ending motifs symbolize change (waves) and determination (the stylized motif of the hammerhead shark).

On the other side, going upwards past the ankle, the hibiscus flower symbolizes beauty and femininity, and it represents Chiara, close to her two children (the two frangipani flowers), and going beyond them the waves take on the idea of the neverending changes of life, whilst the sun represents joy and positivity.

The two symbols looking like E are tiki´s hands, and they are symbols of protection. The three fingers indicate balance, and harmony between sky, earth and sea.

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life joy pain flower frangipani hibiscus sun spiral shark teeth hammerhead shark tiki morey eel birds eternity love freedom precious strength change foot ankle

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 it´s really beautiful and so full of meaning, i like it a lot! beautiful job! 
  by Mary
  by Code
 I love this, this meaning and design is exactly what i want,would love something similar. 
  by kukiairanigirlnz
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