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Tattoo of Whakaruru

Shelter, protection

by GiErre »
2010, Jul 4th
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The general figure of this design is a stylized manaia (the shell on top is the head, with the spiral forming the eye and the beak pointing to the right), shaped like a double spiral which symbolizes eternity and union.

The manaia itself is a symbol of balance and protection, a guardian angel.

Fiona requested this small design for her wrist, where the shell represents love, the shelter of her relation with her partner, whose initial L makes the left edge of the shell.

The gecko forming the other end of the double spiral is a symbol of health (geckos are said to protect the house they live in), and the two spots on the tail being two "standing stones", fixed points in Fiona´s life, represent her brother and sister.

The central part of the double spiral is made of waves (change) to symbolize that the elements used representing love, health and bond will last forever through all the changes.

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