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Whakaruruhau tattoo photo
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April 1st, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This half sleeve and pec tattoo requested by Peter represents a warrior (the spear heads, hammerhead shark and centipedes) and the path he has taken to go from difficulties (the moray eels in the past) to serenity (the sun in his present), through all challenges and adversities (the path of Kamehameha).

The hammerhead shark represents strength, tenacity and determination, also used to protect family (the flax leaves in the center of the sun).
Both the all-seeing eye and the tiki on the pec are protective symbols guarding on family and on the happyness reached with adaptability (shark teeth) and freedom (the manta ray), watching the world from a different perspective (the row of birds).

The motifs on the pec symbolize protection, family union (braids), serenity and prosperity (fish and coconut leaves).

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spear heads centipede hammerhead shark tiki manta all-seeing eye sun path of kamehameha moray eel strength courage warrior family tenacity happyness serenity freedom faith Peter

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