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Tattoo of Fakaalofa


by GiErre »
2018, Mar 28th
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We prepared this Marquesan styled half sleeve tattoo for Holger, with his children and partner being the main focus.

Family is symbolized by the flax leaves at the bottom with braids going up towards two enata, a man and a woman, representing a couple that shares a strong bond which lasted through hard times (the moray eels).

His children are represented by the elements on the sides of the two moray eels, with their initials and symbols related to each of them two.
The star on the pec, surrounded by a sun, symbolizes how they´ll always be a fixed star in Holger´s life, and a dearest memory.

The Marquesan cross surrounded by black squares, opposing waves and a path of Kamehameha symbolizes harmony being challenged in the past.
The spear heads on the right surround coconut leaves with a koru inside to represent a new serene start protected and seeked with tenacity.

On the pec, a row of ancestors looks after them and protects the new voyage they are going through in life (the row of birds) and all that it will bring.

A lizard was added as a symbol of good luck, and coconut leaves for prosperity and peace.

The phrase "nothing else matters" was placed on top to embrace the whole tattoo and to be less recognizable since it will span from back (past) to front (future) and won´t be seen all at once.

The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook 1 & 2 by TattooTribes
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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

Now I know what my next tattoo will look like! Thank you! - Jon, Shangai

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