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Tattoo of Rebirth

New life

by GiErre »
2010, Sep 12th
HI-RES [jpg]


These two designs represent two variants of a tattoo we prepared for Elisa.

In the first one the sun symbolizes eternity and joy, and it represents the point to which Elisa has arrived with her new life; inside the sun a koru (unfolding fern shoot) symbolizes this new life, her new start

At the bottom, where the koru starts, a stylized moray eel symbolizes the problems that led her against a wall (the black line "cutting" the koru), but then she started back from there thanks to her strength (shark teeth) and changed things (the waves indicating this change... a positive one as the waves move by in her direction), till she found back her freedom (the bird). The element looking like a 3 is a tiki hand and it indicates protection; the seashell in the middle represents love and safe shelter and it symbolizes how loving herself again she found back safety and the will of living life with love and joy.

The rays around the sun are made of mountains and they symbolize stability.

The second design, for the side of the foot, has the same elements and meanings, even if with minor changes (such as the kind of seashell).

We also added a frangipani flower, indicating beauty and harmony, and the hammerhead shark motif next to the start, to symbolize tenacity and determination.


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FREE printable PDF cards of the symbols
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That´s a great idea and the book looks fab. I wish there were more animal outlines though... - TatFan, Denver

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