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December 6th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Dan works on the sea, and loves everything related to it.

He asked for a Polynesian styled marlin tattoo incorporating certain elements.

The marlin has mountains (representing islands as well) on the back.

The head contains a shark (adaptability, guide) and a yellow fins tuna; going towards the tail there are a gecko (health), a turtle (family, navigator) and a scuba diver. Hibiscus flowers (beauty) are on the tail and they represent his wife. Joining elements throughout the whole design are waves motifs. There´s a fish hook (wealth) on the tail, next to the diver´s fins, and a seashell (love and intimacy, safe shelter) forms the turtle´s shell. Spear heads symbolize strength, courage.

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marlin scuba diver turtle shark gecko flower hibiscus seashell fish hook sea wave water ocean islands spearheads family love wealth health adaptability strength courage

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