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Tattoo of Pinheiro

New life, family

by GiErre »
2011, Apr 14th
HI-RES [jpg]


We positioned a turtle on the center of the shoulder to symbolize the importance of family for Paulo, who requested this short sleeve and chest tattoo, with two facing ipu on the shell for fertility and descent, and flax leaves below them for they symbolize family and union (the inner leaf symbolizes the child, the two leaves on the sides are the parents protecting the baby and the outer ones are grandparents).

Back flippers are fish hooks, for abundance ad prosperity, just like the row of fish on the right of the turtle. The birds on the left symbolize freedom, watching the world from a higher perspective and help (we kept two of them together because they symbolize that help will always be granted to the loved ones).

The two tikis at the base guard him and his family from every side, and close to them we placed two lizards (good luck) and on their sides some base stones, symbolizing his achievements, the foundations of his new life. In the middle, between the tikis, we stylized a pine tree for his family of origin, which is his base and starting point. It´s made of waves (outer) and of a row of spear heads (the trunk) to symbolize how it will be his strength among any change.

Two more rows of spear heads (the warrior, strength and valiance) are on the shoulder above the turtle. On the left of the turtle we placed a carbon fiber pattern as requested by Paulo, and on the right there´s a gecko for health and protection.

The sun represents success, and in the center, close to the heart, we placed Paulo´s wife sun tattoo. The sun also represents eternity and positivity. There´s a moon next to it on its right (impossible that becomes possible, balance) and two braids on the left (union). The mountains around symbolize stability.

Joining the sun to the sleeve we placed a hammerhead shark, which is a symbol of determination, tenacity and strength.
Shark teeth are for adaptability and protection.


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