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Tattoo of Lynn

In memory

by GiErre »
2013, Mar 13th
HI-RES [jpg]


David requested this tattoo in honour and memory of his wife Lynn.
The flower of hibiscus, which symbolizes beauty, living every day intensely with joy, represents Lynn; we shaped the pistil to recall the letter L.

The row of spear heads behind it represents her fighing spirit, her strength.

The sun surrounded by people below the flower represents the joy she brought to the people who met her, joy being a fundamental part of her life (the dots represent its importance), for which she will always be remembered (the element shaped like an infinity sign placed inside the sun).

Joy and energy were also in her family life and in everything she did (the bigger sun above the flower), with braid and turtle shell motif symbolizing the strong family bond. The wave represents change, and the two paths of their lives get separated here: David´s path curls and remains, treasuring what he knows of her and his love for her (the wave curling into a sea shell, which represents love, intimacy and safe shelter) whilst her path points upwards where birds fly away to symbolize a voyage that changes one´s point of view to a higher one.

Birds often symbolize adventure, and caring too when represented following each other.

The manta symbolizes beauty and wisdom and we included a symbol for marriage in it. The two halves representing them two are separated by an external element but still together to symbolize that even if they´ve been separated their bond will always stay strong (the dot again symbolizes importance).

The tiki facing ahead guards his future and symbolizes protection and care.

Other elements are an octopus tentacle (tenacity, intelligence), shark teeth (strength and adaptability) and coconut palm tree (prosperity); the latter is placed on top behind the bigger sun in order to visually recall the sun rising through pine trees behind the edge of a hill to symbolize her love for nature and for the beauty which can be found in small things too.


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I live in Hawaii, purchased many Polynesian design books in the past, this one is the best so far... Love it! - Catana, Hawaii

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