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Haida Sun tattoo photo
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Haida Sun
Fertility, life

April 9th, 2008
  Author: picchio

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The sun has always represented fertility to every people, the life generating principle, and often eternity too, as it is born again every day, always unchanged.

Nikkio sent us a Haida styled sun asking us to make it more particular. We thought of adding it the four snakes symbolizing the four spirits of the winds (East, West,North and South) because snakes too are associated with fertility. Its hability of changing its skin also symbolizes being able to renew, passing to a higher evolution level.

Haida eagle baby teeHaida eagle baby teeHaida design by TattooTribes
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sun haida snake fertility life improvement renewal knowledge

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 Flicking through your site and I found this design, when my wife found the New Start design we knew they were the ones so off we went to the tattoo studio and now have them for life! Will send pics 
  by Adam & Sarah
 AWESOME! I now have it on the left side of my chest, to accompany my Haida Killer Whale which is on the right side of my ribs/abs. Absolutely LOVE it! The snakes had to be left out unfortunately, as they scared my wife... BIG thanks for this beautiful design!!! 
  by Erwin Sluijter
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