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Tattoo of Korero


by GiErre »
2012, Feb 18th
HI-RES [jpg]


This tattoo was requested by Dean and it represents his story.

We decided to have two main elements in the design: a hammerhead shark that starts at the elbow and ends over the shoulder and a turtle.

The hammerhead shark is a symbol of tenacity, determination and strength and it represents his path. The turtle is a symbol of family.

The hammerhead shark is the main subject and most of the elements revolve around it: the tail starts with a moray eel to represent adversities, his difficult start, and the ipu (which is a symbol for ancestors and femininity) represents his grandma who inspired him facing those adversities being the catalyst to overcome them (the waves going up shaped like koru symbolize this new start).

Tiki hands represent protection. Tiki can be representations of deities and ancestors, and a tiki face was placed inside the hammerhead shark´s head to represent the protection he received from her. The two chasing birds symbolize that help will always be found by the dear ones when needed.

On the left of the hammerhead (whose motif appears in several parts of the design) a row of birds represents watching the world from a different perspective.

Crossing the hammerhead shark and extending on its right a row of spear heads represents the warrior, courage and the fighter. The path of Kamehameha below is a motif that represents the difficult path followed.

The names of his children are included as maorigrams (Robyn, Anya, Devyn) along with shark teeth (strength and adaptability) and a fish row (abundance, prosperity).

Next to the name Robyn, a fish hook symbolizes prosperity; next to Anya a koru represents new life and a sea shell is for love; next to Devyn a Marquesan cross is a symbol of balance.

On the shoulder blade, referring to Dean´s past, a moray eel represents past adversities (ani ata represents people from the past).

The turtle shell motif is for travels and family, which gave strength to his determination along his path till he reached stability (the mountains).

On the breast plate, referring to Dean´s future and close to his heart, the turtle includes the initials of his and his wife´s names: AB and DB. They are part of a circle made of braid (unity, union) that surrounds a symbol for marriage.

Leading to this, just below, a manta is a symbol of beauty and it´s often used to represent flying. We added a circle with a spot inside that relates to where they met. Front flippers are made of waves to symbolize that their union will resist every change they´ll go through and back flippers include fish hooks as a wish for prosperity and mountains for stability, shaped like a sun for joy and positivity.


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