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Water like tattoo photo
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Water like

March 2nd, 2013
  Author: GiErre

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We designed this tattoo for the inside of the right ankle following a request by D.Brusokas. The main theme is water and its adaptability: we placed some patterns along the design that recall the rolling of the waves, flowing around the ankle and along the lines of the leg between the other elements just like water does, to reach high above any difficulty or fear (the moray eels at the bottom, below the ankle, guarded by the all-seeing eye and faced by shark teeth). Shark teeth appear often throughout the design as sharks are also a symbol of adaptability and strength.

The path of Kamehameha inside the bigger wave represents a difficult path that leads to success; the wave is designed to follow the path adapting to its turns and leading finally to success (the warrior in the center of the big wave´s curl surrounded by a sun, with a bird above him to symbolize freedom).

The spear heads motif too on the opposite side of the path of Kamehameha symbolizes the warrior, the fighter and it reaches to the sun to symbolize D´s fighting for his dreams till he reaches them. Close to it the turtle shell motif symbolizes his family, always there along the path, from the beginning to the end of it.

The stylized manta above the moray eels symbolizes wisdom and that by winning his fears he conquers freedom, while the Marquesan cross on top, inside the second wave and surrounded by shark teeth, symbolizes reaching his balance above any situation (being himself in the end), which is the path to reaching prosperity (the fish hook and fish row) and true freedom (the birds).

On the lower right side, the tiki guards his future while the lizard (which is the link between people and gods) is a symbol of good luck and health and shields the mere, the war club symbol of chiefs, which represents respect and honour.

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water waves path of Kamehameha spear heads dreams warrior sun manta turtle shapeless shark teeth birds fighter strength family success adaptability good luck health freedom balance

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