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Water and fire tattoo photo
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Water and fire
Sweet and passional

November 27th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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To symbolize a sweet but passional character, impulsive but sensible, we thought of merging opposite elements like water and fire. On this account the stem of the lotus flower joins fire at the base and water at the top (fire also symbolizes changes and sometimes difficulties, whilst water is a symbol of fertility and rebirth).

The leaves on the left are myrtle leaves, symbolizing love, and the different swirl on their right is shaped to recall a volley ball, for the past of Chiara who requested this design.

Butterflies symbolize freedom and rebirth, transformation.

The lotus flower is a symbol of perfection and we used elements, plants and butterflies to symbolize her love for nature and animals.

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water fire waves lotus flower volleyball leaves myrtle butterflies sweetness passion impulsiveness sensibility love rebirth freedom

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 love it. 
  by Dawn
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