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Sun and moon tattoo photo
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Sun and moon
The two halves of heaven

July 17th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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We prepared this design for Flami and David, who celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

The union of sun and moon in a single design symbolizes the union between the two halves of heaven, between male and female, complementing each other.

This design features also other symbols like the twist (eternal union), the fish hook (prosperity), to help them fish their own island out of the sea, and the lizard (spiritual powers) which is a symbol of good luck.

If they get inked on different sides by two people, half on the side and half on the front of the body, when they are put near (by embracing or standing side by side), they complement each other, as they do in the following sample pic:

complementing each other

for the part that is not visible from one side or frontally for one of the two is the visible part for the other.

Owl moon t-shirtOwl moon t-shirtOwl blossoms by TattooTribes
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sun moon lizard fish hook twist completeness union love happyness prosperity good luck marriage

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 its an amazing tattoo with so much depth. 
  by coox
 great tattoo. i made it for myself 
  by sorin
 I really dig this one. Want it for my left upper arm. 
  by Ringo
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Owl moon t-shirtOwl moon t-shirtOwl blossoms by TattooTribes
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