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Kawai tattoo photo
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February 12th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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In this tattoo requested by Emanuele the two turtles representing him and his son share some elements symbolizing common interests (braids too symbolize this unity) and also the fact that his son inherited many traits from him.
The head is different instead to symbolize how each of them has his own personality.

Both have a bird on the shell to indicate passion for travels, a fish hook in a front flipper to indicate knowledge and a mountain on their shell.

On the shell of the smaller one an octopus tentacle represents adaptability, intelligence and tenacity while a koru on the big one represents the son.

All the back flippers include tiki hands for protection and two flippers, one for each turtle, include shark teeth laid in a way that shapes a sun, symbolizing the sun always shines when they´re together.

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turtles braid koru sun tiki waves shark teeth birds son father union adaptability protection joy Emanuele

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