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Whakaaro kotahi tattoo photo
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Whakaaro kotahi

July 6th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo prepared for Anouk has three spikes containing animals from land (gecko), air (birds) and water (the turtle).
All the three spikes share the sun, which represents positivity and wants to symbolize here that joy exists when there is balance (the central Marquesan cross at the base) between all these elements and man (represented here by the Kena, the warrior that fights for this).
This concept is also enforced by the phrase "give as much as you take" near the hammerhead shark and spear head motifs for the warrior.

The tiki on the central spike protects a surf board, a gecko on the left is for health and a manaia on the right is a guardian spirit.
Other elements are a turtle (family) with sea shells being the front fins (love and safe shelter), a sail shaped by braid (they both symbolize sociality and union), waves, mountains and shark teeth.

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air earth water gecko birds turtle mountains waves sun tiki manaia marquesan cross unity oneness harmony balance elements surfboard climbing warrior Anouk

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