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Kaha tattoo photo
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Strength, power

September 6th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Kaha means "strength", "power", but has also other meanings related to this idea, such as loud, positive, efficiency.

We called Kaha this desing requested by Bjoern on account of several elements in it that enforce this idea of quiet strength: the traditional hammerhead motif of the armband indicated strength and tenacity, and the eels recall the fight won by the warrior Maui against the giant eel moray Te Tuna. Tikis symbolize fertility and protection, on the sea and on the land, as symbolized by the waves and mountains, a protection coming also from ancestors, whose eyes are on the eels sides. The adult fern leaf indicates maturity, and the fern buds are for the descendants. Other elements symbolize good luck, family, travel and adaptability (lizard, sun, turtle, shark teeth...).

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kaha hammerhead shark turtle eel moray lizard waves tiki koru fern strength power tenacity calm family travel good luck protection Bjoern

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 U guys really are brilliant people! no wonder the requests are piling up. : ) 
  by red
 I just get this one tattoo on my right arm and it came out perfect! I am really happy with the design and I am already searching your site for the next one... 
  by Fred
 Veeeeeeeeeery Nice!! :-D 
  by Sole
 this is awesome!!  what i appreciate the most is you do all that for free!!!  thank you!!! 
  by Utiyn
 i have this tattoo! 
  by rr
 very nice tattoo... I want something similar... 
  by belau
  by joe
 Cool!Gonna make it 
  by Max
 Cool!Gonna make it.Looks good! 
  by Max
  by Etienne
 More designs please..thanks.. 
  by Anton camarao
 If you have a request, send it from this link instead: custom request. 


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