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Tattoo of Te feti´i


by GiErre »
2021, Jun 10th
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Looking from top to bottom at this polynesian style lizard tattoo designed for John, a warrior can be seen in the head guiding his family, represented by the flax leaves in the left side of the lizard´s body. On the right side, two smaller enata represent his children (they have a small koru nearby to symbolize children and new life) and a bigger enata between them for his wife.
The leaves themselves are enclosed in a sun representing eternity and joy.
The two front legs have two stilized tiki to bring protection from all sides.

There are spearheads close the end of the tail so that the family stays protected. Alongside there is a pattern representing ancestors, a braid for family union and Te Ara Poutama representing the path to knowledge placed next to the body.

In the lower part of the lizard´s body and within its back legs there are symbols for help granted to the dear ones (chasing birds), prosperity (fish and fish hook) and stability through any difficulty (the mountains next to the path of Kamehameha).

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I love it! TattooTribes rules as usual!! - Vishal, Kolkata

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